Can’t Knock Us Down

womenIf there’s one thing I need you to know about us, it’s that we can’t be knocked down.
Our powers, they withstand your every push.
Nourishment flows from our breast, life was given from these hips.
Every stretch mark a reminder of a battle.
We’ve stopped wars with these lips.
We can’t be knocked down.
Maybe you haven’t seen the way we walk into a room.
Every being on this Earth was crafted in our wombs.
We kiss boo boos, manage budgets and conquer conference rooms.
I dare you try to knock us down.
77 cents on the dollar is what you give us, but we take pride in our power.
What you accomplished in your work day, we take care of in hour.
We don’t have enough days in the week, there aren’t enough minutes in these hours.
We’ve washed these soiled things, while you still scour.
Try to knock us down.
In make-up or bare faced, be it shaven or be it clean, curvaceous or skinny.
My army is strong and many.
Plenty take on the challenge of being outnumbered and undervalued.
But we never need confirmation.
We survive fine without or without you.
Single moms, with multiple jobs.
Bad ass women, who beat the odds.
Daddy issues, and broken dreams.
Sober for 5 years, and love fiends.
On the way up, and coming down.
Too skinny or could stand to lose a few pounds.
You’re disillusioned, you’re real confused
If you think you can knock us down.